Spot Gen 3 / Gen 4

They are both similar in terms of features, the Spot Gen4 is even more waterproofed, IP68 rating provides consumers with 30 minutes of water protection at up to 2 meters. There are a few other slight differences between those 2 models (note that Spot Gen3 is now retired and new units are Spot Gen 4 only):

Get Started

Your device has been probably delivered unactivated unless stated otherwise, so the very first step is to request the activation. You need first to locate the serial number (ESN) and authorization code.

These codes are located inside the battery compartment of your SPOT Gen4. We will need these codes when setting up your account.

Send us an email to proceed with the activation or simply log-in your customer portal dedicated area available at https://my.traksat.eu to request the activation online on your account.

Your activation should be done within 24 hours after which you will need to check the firmware release of your device and upgdate the configuration of the device according to your predefined settings required at activation.

For a proper device check, please use fresh batteries and then perform the LED/Button test below

1 With your SPOT Gen4 off, press & hold the Track button followed by the Power button.
Hold for approximately 3 seconds.
The HELP and S.O.S. LEDs should turn green.
2 Press the S.O.S. and Help buttons at the same time All LEDs should turn red
3 Press the Custom Message and Check In buttons at the same time All LEDs should turn green

NOTE: Steps have to be performed within a few seconds of each other, or the test will timeout. You can start over if the test is not completed.

Video Training

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