Customer Portal

The customer portal is hosted at

This is the place to monitor everything about the bill cycle of your devices subscription i-e activating / deactivating it, and manage the renewal date of your yearly / quarterly subscriptions, or simply open / follow-up a trouble ticket.

From the web platform, there is quick link button called Asset URL located in the Asset Properties window which will quickly redirect to the corresponding detail page of the device you have selected.

Click here for more details on this page

You still need to have an access granted to the customer portal to be authorized to see this page.

Once you logged in once on the customer portal, you will be able to see the other assets details in one quick action

1 This is the default landing page once logged-in. If you're monitoring various groups of devices, this is recommended to rather browse the next tab GROUPS

2 You can check your user account name and display your own account settings (for example to change your password). You can also force to log-out from there.

3 This is a button to ask for the activation of a new device. This is advised to first look if this device is not already registered in your records using the search field below. If the device is already registered but inactive or deactivated, you can then ask for reactivation from the device configuration page directly. However if this is about adding a new asset that has never been registered once, this is the button to press

4 This is a quick filtering preset. By default all the devices will be displayed but this is recommended to use the Active tab if you only need to display the active devices. When you perform an activation request, it will be in the Activation Pending for the time of the activation process. On the contrary, the Deactivation Pending filter will display all the device that were asked for deactivation but are still active until last date of contract (for yearly subscriptions) or last date of the month (for monthly subscriptions)

5 This is a search field that will perform the search in the filtered chosen tab, so we do recommend to perform the search while having selected the All filter above.

6 This an export button to export in csv format the results displayed in the current page

7 This is the pagination options allowing you to chose how many records you want to display per page and also enable to navigate between multiple pages

8 This is the group header of the assets list when there are multiple groups (then again it is recommended to browse through the main Group tab

9 This is the button to click to display the full detailed page about this specific asset.

There are 4 possible display of the date here

1 When there is no date shown, this is because this device in under a monthly billing plan and therefore it is invoiced every 1st of each month

2 When there is an orange icon in front of the date, this is because the next renewal for the yearly / quarterly subscription is about to happen within the next 4 weeks. An email alert will be sent to company and group admins once every week (4 email notifications in total)

3 When there is simply the date, it simply indicate the next renewal date of your subscription

The 4th possible display is unlikely to happen. This is a red caution icon in front of the date indicating that the yearly renewal date has been expired without clear notice from you that you wanted to cancel. The yearly renewal is automatically renewed for one year

When you click on the button in this column it will open the device detailed information page from which you will be able to perform various actions:

1 You can use this button to either activate an inactive or previously deactivated device or confirm the renewal of a yearly subscription / contract

2 You can use this button to request the deactivation of the device, it will be then placed into the deactivation pending filter until last contracted active date before effective deactivation

3 You can use this button to move the device in a different group or sub-group. Pls note that this will not affect / change accordingly on the web platform

4 Use this button to open a trouble ticket about this particular device

5 Use this button to display the Call Data Records if available (only CDR's from last month is available)

6 This is the list of all the past trouble tickets. This is also displaying former activation / deactivation requests (only since early 2023)

1 This button will open a new pop-up window to allow you to create a new Group

2 Like in the Assets page, you can use those filters to chose displaying all your groups or only the active ones. A group is said to be active when there is at least one active asset in this group.

3 This button will open the detailed Group page as described in this section

4 This column is showing the total number of active device in the Group

5 This column will count all the active assets due to renewal within the next 4 weeks, clicking the Group details button will immediately show you all the assets belonging to this group so that you will see immediately which assets are due for renewal soon

6 Use this button to edit the Group name, gives additional reference for your own use or make it inactive / active

7 Use this button to add / remove users with rights and permissions toward the devices inside this group, see this section for more details

8 Click this button to display a map pop-up showing all the devices last location on a map, this feature is not activated by default and would require that you ask for it to be activated.

1 this is list of all the user accounts that are allowed to have access to the devices inside this group, those are also the recipient of the automatic renewal alert emails sent every week for the last month before the renewal date

2 Use this button to add or remove user accounts assigned to this group

3 You can optionally create sub-groups inside a Group using this button

4 If you have sub-groups they will appear here exactly in the same way than the master groups.

5 If you don't have sub-groups then all the devices of the group will be displayed here in the list exactly the same way than in the Assets Lists tab of the main menu

1 Click on the blue cross icon in front of the user account you want to delete

2 Click at the end of the list in the white blank space to assign a new user account, it will open a drop-down menu listing all the user accounts authorized, you can type also some part of the name you're looking for and the drop-down list will only display the corresponding results

3 Don't forget to click the Submit button to validate the action you've done either to remove or to add user accounts

1 link to our wiki site

2 link to our public server stat page showing the percentage of availability of our system. If you have trouble to log-in and the web platform is not loading, this is always a good idea to check here if there is a downtime or not as this page is also showing the live status of our cloud server.

3 link to automatically start a chat through whatsapp with us

4 link to the web platform

5 this is the tickets list listing also all the past enquiry and status changes of all your devices

6 use this button to open a specific ticket page and see it in details

7 use this button to quickly add a comment or answer a new ticket message

This page allows you to manage the user accounts and is only seen by company admin user roles

1 Use this button to add a new user account and assign it to the group of your choice (only if you're a company admin)

2 this column display the status of the user account, only active user accounts are allowed to log-in and will receive email notifications

3 this display the current assigned user role.

  1. Company Admin: can see all the groups and sub-groups and their assigned devices and can perform actions
  2. Group Admin: can see all the devices inside a group and its sub-groups and can perform actions
  3. Group Supervisor: can see all the devices inside a group and its sub-groups but cannot perform actions

4 use this button to list all the groups this user have access to

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