Type of test Data/Time
4K VOICE CODEC Turn Off GPS, PTT continuous talks 3.59 MB per hour
Turn On GPS with 5 sec report time, PTT continuous talks 3.71 MB per hour
8K VOICE CODEC Turn Off GPS, PTT continuous talks 4.98 MB per hour
Turn On GPS with 5 sec report time, PTT continuous talks 6.78 MB per hour
STANDBY Turn Off GPS, Standby 0.66 MB per hour
Turn On GPS with 5 sec report time, Standby 1.17 MB per hour
Turn On GPS with 30 sec report time, Standby 0.41 MB per hour
Group personnel changes, on-line, and off-line. As long as there are not too many people in the group and not frequent changes, it can be ignored

Traksat-PTT is a wireless data network-based communication system implemented using VoIP technology. It is different from traditional interphones. There is no limit to the distance. As long as there is a wireless network, the service can be used. It is a traditional trunking communication product. Extension and supplement; In addition, the system can provide GPS, multimedia applications or other OA services to provide users with a multi-functional integrated scheduling system. The system easily realizes real-time intercom, personnel positioning, patrol attendance, video law enforcement and other scheduling functions throughout the country. The system has powerful functions, easy to use, simple installation, and low cost.

The Traksat-PTT trunking communication service is a half-duplex, instant, multi-party voice communication service that allows one-to-one and one-to-many calls. Similar to the traditional communication, only when one party finishes speaking can the other party speak, that is, in each group, only one person can speak at the same time, and the other person answers.

The management platform of the Traksat-PTT cluster system can manage users and groups through the Web. The management platform can be divided into 3 levels of management, including: enterprise management platform and department management platform, of which the enterprise management platform is commonly used, and the functions mainly include: user management, group management , Recording management, 100-step car calling management, patrol management, multimedia management, query positioning, order query, system settings and other functions, and provide remote access to access interface to facilitate the integration of other systems.

The Traksat-PTT dispatcher is a multi-functional visual dispatching system based on the Traksat-PTT system. It has group calling, single calling, viewing and positioning, sending information, sending pictures, video calling, video monitoring, multimedia data query, tracking, and calling Rich functions such as recording and personnel patrol can provide enterprises with fast scheduling functions.

The patrol attendance consists of patrol users, patrol routes (patrol points), and patrol time. The user performs patrol at the patrol point at the set patrol time according to the prescribed patrol route. After the patrol operation is performed, the status of each user's patrol execution can be queried accordingly, and the daily patrol statistics can be checked. There are two patrol methods: NFC verification patrol and GPS positioning patrol.

The video application is based on the Traksat-PTT trunking system, using the operator's mobile broadband network, to achieve a real-time interactive video data communication system.

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